Rose Richey Relaxation – Brisbane

Adult Relaxation & Sensual Bodywork Hendra 0499 978 955

Rose Richey Relaxation – Brisbane

Contact Me Rose Richey

Contact me Rose Richey Kinkassage Hendra.




The best way to contact me, to arrange your Kinkassage appointment, is to call or text my mobile 0499 978 955.


Contact Me Rose Richey

When you call, please leave a voicemail so I know what information to send you.  I have a lot of offerings, so that will make things easier for you.

If I can’t answer, I will reply as soon as I’m available.  I’ll usually send you a text, unless I’ve only just missed your call – then I know it’s ok to ring you straight back.


Rose Richey
Hendra, Brisbane
Mobile: 0499 978 955

Available 9am – 9pm daily

I do not answer private numbers


CONFIDENTIALITY – Discretion and Privacy are as important to me as they are to you. It is my intention to provide you with the best sensual, adventurous and erotic relaxation, which will make you want to return to see me time and time again.

Contact Me Rose Richey

contact me rose richey


Kinkassage is an invitation for you to awaken openness, for you body’s well-being, and for letting go.

During this process I provide you with a sacred and safe space to shut off, down-regulate and relax.


IMPORTANTIt is essential for me to emphasize neither sex in the usual sense nor sexual intercourse takes place.

During your Kinkassage session, you will receive the opportunity of enjoying a sensual and erotic experience that replenishes your energy, mind, body and soul. You will go home fulfilled, profoundly relaxed and enriched.

Kinkassage is an ideal choice for discerning men, women and couples to experience decadent and relaxing full-body pleasure while switching off annoying brain chatter. Profound relaxation, with arousal, is the goal of all Kinkassage modalities.

Feel free to contact me on 0499 978 955 to book your decadent session today!



The New School of Erotic Touch

Kinkassage® is a Registered Trademark of Aleena Aspley Australia 

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