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If you’ve read my blog “Relationship Reconnection“, you understand the importance of intimacy between partners – it’s something deep and unique to your relationship.  You cannot get it from others – casual encounters, swinging, cuckolding, escorts, a lap dance at a strip club or a saucy girl’s night out. As lusty as those “transactions” can be, in the long run, they won’t solidify your intimacy or sexual satisfaction.

couples massage rose richey



I can teach you how to recover / raise your intimacy and take your connection to the next level. As no two people are the same, no relationship is either.  That’s why I work intuitively and never apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to my services.

I’m also a BDSM lifestyle and professional Mistress – I have been since 2009.  I was a registered nurse in my first career. That enabled me to develop a professional, up-front and trusting rapport with my clients from a very early point in my adult life.  Now my skills as a Mistress allow me to be present, focused and able to explore and deliver sensation in a safe consensual way.



Your session will take around 4 hours so please make sure you’re not locked into any other commitments for the remainder of the day or evening.  Also, please make sure you haven’t overindulged in food, or taken drugs or alcohol in the day prior to your visit. You may think it will enhance your experience – believe me, it won’t.  A light meal beforehand is fine, but please don’t overdose on caffeine or carbs lol

The all important thing – be freshly showered and dressed in clean comfortable clothing.  Not too much jewellery, makeup, heavy perfumes or aftershaves. And definitely no smoking.



When you arrive for your couples session, we will sit down and have a candid discussion about your story.  I encourage you to talk openly about your relationship, your likes (both individually and as a couple), any issues regarding your health and sexual histories, and what you expect to be able to take away from our time together. You’re also welcome to ask questions at any time during the session.  Best get those awkward ones out of the way at the start so you can fully relax and feel comfortable as we progress.

I won’t be undressed during our session, but you are both encouraged to dress/undress as you feel appropriate.  Of course, the partner on the receiving end will be naked while you are on the massage table, but you can be draped if you feel more comfortable doing so. You’re also welcome to bring your favourite toys (or just a picture of them) along so I can get an idea of your bedroom dynamics and how we can improve them as well.

I’m a mature, friendly and outgoing person.  I work intuitively and establish an energetic connection with everyone I work with.  My hands-on coaching style will have you both feeling excited to experience and/or learn my tantalizing techniques to arouse and relax each other.  You’ll experience levels of bliss and arousal that will exponentially heighten your intimacy and connection as a couple.  And you’ll take away with you the skills and knowledge to repeat and improve on this amazing experience going forward.

Now, let’s get your bedroom “mojo” back…


couples massage rose richey


WHAT TO EXPECT IN A SESSION (LADIES FIRST)couples kinkassage rose richie

  • Dual Touch Bodywork
  • Yoni Awakening Bodywork to dissolve unprocessed injuries and trauma which cause Yoni pain, dryness and tension.
  • Yoni Awakening Bodywork to awaken bliss & pleasure
  • Yoni Awakening Bodywork to assist awakening and / female squirting
  • Personalized pleasure coaching
  • Sensate Touch Techniques
  • Tantric Principles
  • Being present while relaxed into the moment
  • Breathing techniques to awaken sexual energy pathways
  • Shamanic body de-Armoring
  • Bootylicious buttock bodywork and rosebud reflexology


couples massage rose richey



  • Sensual & Erotic Bodywork
  • Our Magic Hands Sensual Touch
  • Lingam Coconut Oil Relaxation
  • Teasing Sensate Touch Techniques
  • Dual Play Bodywork
  • Personalised Breath Coaching
  • Whole Body Vibration for Chakra Activation
  • Bootylicious buttock bodywork and rosebud reflexology
  • G-spot stimulation (prostate massage)
  • Heightened Ecstatic States of Consciousness
  • Profound Relaxation into Theta Brain Waves (Zero Brain Chatter)
  • You may experience a Full-Body Cellular Orgasm



Couples relaxation session                 $1,200 (4 hours)

Couples relaxation – with coaching     $1,500 (4 hours +)



Yoni Kinkassage Awakening Bodywork

Rose Richey
Hendra, Brisbane
Available 9am to 9pm
In-call only by appointment

Mobile: 0499 978 955

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I can’t believe just how much closer Pete and I are since seeing you for our coaching session, Rose.  Your site was very open and informative, which is why I booked us in the first place.  Even then, our experience was so profoundly intimate, I’m not sure we’ve ever gone to that level of pleasure and devotion.  And you were right when you said it would get better and better.  We usually just book a weekend away with lots of pampering when we have time.  Now we’re so glad we decided to do something different for ourselves. You have a rare gift, Rose.  Thanks so so much. x L


J and I are so happy we found you, Rose. We both came away refreshed and enthusiastic about getting our sex life back on track. What you taught us about devotion and intimacy has been sadly lacking, but now we have a clear way forward. We’re back in love again. Can’t thank you enough  J and K


Rose, what can I say?  You’ve resurrected our sex life!  After 17 years of marriage, sex was not that interesting or frequent.  We thought we’d just have a bit of holiday fun and do something different, but you’ve given us a new life, we feel like we’re on our honeymoon again.  And your advice about daily intimacy has made us that much closer.  You are an amazingly intuitive and talented woman.  We can’t thank you enough!     B and V


You are a very easy person to connect with.  T said she would have liked to orgasm sooner (lol) ….. happy to participate for the together experience. B and T