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G-Spot Kinkassage Prostate Pleasure

  G-Spot Kinkassage prostate pleasure Brisbane.



Yes, you’ve guessed it – men have a g-spot too! The male g-spot is an erogenous spot with the power to drive men wild!

Similar to a woman’s g-spot, the important nerves for erection, orgasm and ejaculation converge at the male g-spot and in the prostate and perineum.

This area also can provide intense and heightened pleasure, and is also the place where emotional and sexual issues are stored.


Prostate stimulation can be both pleasurable and healing for a man, and can help release emotional as well as physical stress. For many men, the stronger stimulation to the male g-spot, the stronger and more profound orgasms they experience.

Exploring the male g-spot is the key to unlock astounding levels of intense pleasure that is not just limited to your penis! It can also bring you closer to and create a more intimate bond with your partner.

G-Spot Kinkassage Prostate Pleasure

The quality and amount of stimulation to whole pelvic area including the prostate, perineum, and anal sphincter really determines of the levels of sexual pleasure and intimacy you and your partner experience.

And there are other ways to engage the male g-spot, for prostate pleasure, that do not involve penetration.

A male orgasm that is stronger, longer, continuous and more explosive – often called a prostate orgasm – is all characteristic of stimulation to the male g-spot.

Rather than being an orgasm that is just located in your genitals or driven solely by your penis, a prostate orgasm becomes a whole-body phenomenon, and can offer you multiple orgasms as well as orgasms without ejaculation.



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G-Spot Kinkassage Prostate Pleasure

You really amaze me, Rose.  I’ve seen you so many times already but you always surprise me with how much better each session is.  Just keep doing what you’re doing!  Jeremy

Rose everything was perfect! You certainly know your stuff! You said each visit would be more intense and you sure meant it! WOW. It was mind blowing!!!  Rod

Thanks, Gorgeous, for an awesome experience.  I will definitely be seeing you on my next visit to Australia.   Matt




A g-spot (prostate pleasure) orgasm, enhances an “inward”, expanded, highly sophisticated and intense, pelvic orgasm for a male.

The experience of having your g-spot stimulated awakens a completely different type of orgasm from the average masculine genital climax, with ejaculation, which diffuses and explodes “outwards and down”, from the head of the penis.

Male g-spot stimulation and professional Kinkassage bodywork expands and spreads the masculine orgasm discharge “inwards and up” into the whole pelvic cavity and upper body.

This type of advanced male orgasm can awaken full-body orgasms with ejaculation choice.






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