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Kinkassage Reviews Hendra Brisbane

Kinkassage reviews Hendra Brisbane with Rose.



Experiencing erotic massage for myself is what inspired me to become a practitioner.

I am grateful to those wonderful clients who took the time to express their appreciation and gave me permission to share their comments – thank you x

I also know you cannot let others influence your own experiences.  Do try it for yourself soon.  You deserve an amazing experience too…

Rose Richey


Couples Kinkassage You are a very easy person to connect with.  T said she would have liked to orgasm sooner (lol) ….. happy to participate for the together experience. B and T

Couples Kinkassage J and I are so happy we found you, Rose.  We both came away refreshed and enthusiastic about getting our sex life back on track.  What you taught us about devotion and intimacy has been sadly lacking, but now we have a clear way forward.  We’re back in love again.  Can’t thank you enough  J and K

Couples Kinkassage – Rose, what can I say?  You’ve resurrected our sex life!  After 17 years of marriage, sex was not that interesting or frequent.  We thought we’d just have a bit of holiday fun and do something different, but you’ve given us a new life, we feel like we’re on our honeymoon again.  And your advice about daily intimacy has made us that much closer.  You are an amazingly intuitive and talented woman.  We can’t thank you enough!     B and V



Domme Kinkassage Men – Thanks for suggesting this type of session when I first saw you a few weeks ago.  I’ve always thought I had a kinky streak but didn’t know where to take it.  After our banter during my erotic massage, I had no hesitation in trusting you to manage my genteel intro to kink.  You did it in such subtle ways, I even forgot I was tied down!  I was still buzzing that night and wanted to come back the next day and do it all again!  Thanks Mistress Rose.  Steven

Kinkassage Reviews Hendra Brisbane


Domme Kinkassage Women

I was a little hesitant about this kind of massage but figured I would treat myself.  You talked me through what to expect, but even then I was so pleasantly surprised.  I never realised just how relaxed I could feel, and you were so attentive and professional!

I left feeling totally indulged, and quite a few people noticed my “glow” of satisfaction later that day.  I’ve recommended you to a few of my close friends too.  Thanks again for a uniquely wonderful experience. Claire




G-Spot Kinkassage – You really amaze me, Rose.  I’ve seen you so many times already but you always surprise me with how much better each session is.  Just keep doing what you’re doing!  Jeremy

G-Spot Kinkassage – Thanks, Gorgeous, for an awesome experience.  I will definitely be seeing you on my next visit to Australia.   Matt

G-Spot Kinkassage – Thanks for a great afternoon!  The highlight of my trip.  LM

G-Spot Kinkassage That was the best erotic massage I’ve ever had!  Simon

G-Spot Kinkassage – Rose, once again thank you very much.  I felt so good and enjoyed ever single bit of it starting from the warm welcome  Will see you again!  P

G-Spot Kinkassage Rose everything was perfect! You certainly know your stuff!  You said each visit would be more intense and you sure meant it! WOW. It was mind blowing!!!  Rod  

G-Spot Kinkassage – I came to you, hoping you could bring the old fella back to life after my prostate surgery.  You were patient, practical and very encouraging.  I can’t thank you enough for restoring my manhood, Rose.  And the exercises you sent me the link to were better than the ones my surgeon gave me.  You are a truly talented woman.  G

G-Spot Kinkassage – I first saw you about 18 months ago.  But then you moved and it was just too far out of my way to come.  I’ve been to a few places since then, they were all different but not half as satisfying as my visits with you, Rose.  That’s why I came back.  You’re worth the drive anywhere, you’re brilliant!   Cheers D

G-Spot Kinkassage There’s a reason I keep coming to see you, Rose. You’re a consummate prostate specialist! I’ve never been able to find anyone better. JM


Lingam Kinkassage Before I saw you my erections weren’t good. I’m trying to please my partner, but it doesn’t always work so well. I thought seeing you might help, and it sure did. You gave me some really useful tips (I’m doing those exercises several times a day and I’ve noticed a huge improvement already).

You helped me realise I just need to be more relaxed and not stress out so much about my performance. My partner has noticed a difference in me and she is very pleased. I know I am. Thanks so much BH

Lingam Kinkassage – Wow! I couldn’t find a better word to describe you, Rose.  BH

Lingam Kinkassage That was the best money I’ve ever spent.   Steve

Lingam Kinkassage Thanks Rose!  You surpassed all my expectations.  PJ

Lingam Kinkassage Morning Rose!  Well what can I say? Time spent with you was like having a week of doing nothing. My time with you was sensual, informative and open. You made me feel so at ease with your beauty and openness. The service you provided was oh so wow and different to what I’ve ever experienced. Yes I did leave with a smile and a spring in my step.  So from the bottom of heart and my body thank you.  Jay

Lingam Kinkassage That was, without a doubt, the most amazing experience I’ve ever had! I will definitely be seeing you on my next trip to Oz.  David

Lingam Kinkassage – I saw you a few weeks ago and experienced my first body orgasm. It was nothing like I’d ever felt before.  During our session, my mind was so relaxed, my body felt like it was building and building up to new heights of sensation – I was sure I was going to explode! The ending was incredible, like my energy was on speed.  Since then, my orgasms have gone to another level – just wanted to say a huge thanks, Rose.  You’re awesome! X L

Kinkassage Reviews Hendra Brisbane

Yoni Kinkassage Orgasmic Bodywork Rose I came to you just to “pamper” myself while hubby was going to play golf with his mates.  I had a hysterectomy last year and since then I hadn’t been able to have a orgasm like I used to.

Your candid and professional manner made me feel at ease very quickly.  (I’m actually a bit embarrassed now I brought my husband in to check things out first lol)   I am so grateful you showed me I wasn’t permanently damaged from my surgery.  My hubby will be so happy our sex life can get back to being enjoyable and satisfying.  Can’t thank you enough    Jenny


Yoni Kinkassage Orgasmic Bodywork – Your service and understanding are second to none, Rose.  You put me at ease from the first and I knew I was in good hands!  I used to think I was pretty orgasmic, but you have taken my sexual experiences to a new height – and I’m loving it.  Can’t wait for my next visit!   Fiona


If you’ve read all the way through my list of comments from happy clients, do feel free to call or text me to find out more about my indulgent offerings.  I look forward to spoiling you soon.

Cheers, Rose x





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kinkassage reviews hendra brisbane

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