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Lingam Kinkassage Hendra Brisbane

Lingam Kinkassage Hendra Brisbane erotic male relaxation.



Lingam Kinkassage® can be extremely healing, relaxing and blissful for a man. The goal is to switch off brain chatter.  It’s an ideal choice for the busy professional or the man who doesn’t get much time to himself.

A Lingam Kinkassage session can assist a male to enter into a down-regulated, profoundly relaxed, meditative state on consciousness.

In a deeply relaxed state, a male’s body can awaken into elevated dimensions of orgasmic bliss.  Awakening the male genitals and pelvic cavity with sensual tender touch can assist a man to tap into his dormant sexual energy, also known as Kundalini.


Lingam Kinkassage is an up-market, sensual, kinky male bodywork session, with scintillating touch techniques and deep relaxation, ending with slow genital worship.

Do choose our Lingam Kinkassage session, if you’d love a long and slow, teasing, intimate genital touch with my unbelievable magic hands relaxation. The longer your Lingam Kinkassage session, the more indulgent, relaxing and spiritually divine.

Lingam Kinkassage Hendra Brisbane





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Lingam Kinkassage Hendra Brisbane

I saw you a few weeks ago and experienced my first body orgasm. It was nothing like I’d ever felt before.  During our session, my mind was so relaxed, my body felt like it was building and building up to new heights of sensation – I was sure I was going to explode! The ending was incredible, like my energy was on speed.  Since then, my orgasms have gone to another level – just wanted to say a huge thanks, Rose.  You’re awesome! X L

That was, without a doubt, the most amazing experience I’ve ever had! I will definitely be seeing you on my next trip to Oz.  David (UK)





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