Relationship Reconnection

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It doesn’t take a sex therapist, a psychologist or even a marriage counsellor to show you how to reconnect with your partner in a deep and intimate way.

Those methods are expensive, clinical, time-consuming and only needed when you’ve  reached crisis point, ie when you’re seriously considering a separation or break up.

Most couples aren’t in that situation, things haven’t gotten to such a low level.

But it’s still common to drift into “snooze mode” and experience apathy, boredom, loneliness and dissatisfaction in your relationship, whether you’ve been together a few months or a few decades.

Logistically you’re still together, but are you really “connected” in an intimate and meaningful way?

One or both of you has done some or all of the following over time – put on weight, been too engrossed in raising your family, expanding your business, your social lives, spent too much time apart.  Your health and energy levels decline.  Or friends and relatives take a lot of your time.

The dry spells you usually experienced following childbirth, grief and disagreements now seem more frequent, for no apparent reason.

And let’s not even get started on mental health issues, menopause, stress, hormonal changes, high blood pressure, diabetes, the list goes on……

You lose that intimate one-on-one “you-and-me-against-the-world” thread between you and your partner, the one that brought you together in the first place.  It’s a distant memory, one that reveals itself in fleeting moments, often when it’s not convenient to act upon your feelings and desires.

Yes, you could spend a weekend away, getting yourselves pampered, nice meals, time to yourselves, but how will that enhance the intimate side of your relationship in the long run?

There’s no room for spontaneity, it all seems contrived and mentally grinding – a lot of hype – and by the time you arrive, you’re usually too exhausted to get the full benefit of that time together.

Maybe you just don’t have the time, support or resources to do those kinds of things on a regular basis.

It’s hard organising someone to take care of your children, your pets and other regular commitments you have so you really can take time out for yourselves and relax.  Like an extended date night, by the time you’re actually relaxed enough to enjoy it, it’s time to go “back to reality”.

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Or you go to the adult store, or you’ve seen the lovehoney commercials on TV and ordered something online, only to be disillusioned as the novelty value was lost the first time you used it.  In most instances, it doesn’t deliver the anticipated result, and you can’t return it.  Or worse, you buy something that horrifies your partner.  Your little sidetrack into adventure rapidly goes south, often with long term repercussions.

These days people often work shifts, long hours or away from home for long periods.  By the time they get home, they are “knackered” and just want to sleep the whole time.  But their partner (the one who’s been taking care of the kids and keeping the home fires burning) is just as exhausted from “single parenting” and wants time for themselves.  Or there’s a long list of activities / chores that need doing around the house.

It’s an all too common complaint from many couples, and it puts a lot of stress on relationships, even when money is good.  Money isn’t everything, but it does help lessen the burden for partnerships and families.  Having choices means freedom and a better outlook on life in general.

At the end of the day, you don’t know what you don’t know.

So, what to do?



My background

I’ve been a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix since 2009.

In 2015, I had the joy of experiencing erotic massage for the first time with Aleena Aspley, an amazing soul, a truly gifted sexological body worker and massage guru.

That first session with Aleena was amazing (“sexual bungee-jumping” was how I described it).

That one session changed my entire outlook and connection with my own sexual power – that knowledge enhanced my self-love and intimacy with my partner, taking it up to another level.  Of course I’ve had many sessions since – there’s nothing like it.

I was so impressed by those unforgettable experiences, when Aleena asked me to become a practitioner and expand her brand, I jumped at it.  It certainly helped that I was a longstanding BDSM Mistress and I’d also been a registered nurse. I could rely on my intuitiveness and reassuring style of dealing with people, establishing trust,  knowing the mindful effects of surrender and release.

But I learned so much more about sensation – tantalising techniques for arousal, key reflexology points in the body and reliable ways to relax even the biggest “stress-puppies”.  The results are (without exception) happy clients whose experiences are uniquely satisfying, rejuvenating and educational.

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Why choose me?

Being mature, intuitive and professional practitioners gives us the edge over “pretty young things” out there.  Don’t get me wrong, we all started with our short little rub-n-tug sessions.

However we realised over time that our real goal wasn’t quick gratification but rather an extended focus on self-connection, and prolonged meditative states (where brain chatter stops).

The results are deeply enhanced and meaningful movement and release of sexual energy (“awe-gasms”) and an awareness of how to help someone use those techniques to realise their potential for intimacy and connection going forward, for themselves and their partners.

If you’ve gotten this far reading my article, it’s clear you have a genuine interest in improving your intimate relationships – firstly with yourself, then with your partner as a positive flow-on.

Yes, by all means, you can come and see me by yourself.  That will be an amazing experience on its own and will have a positive effect on how you deal with your partner going forward.

But when you really want that deep two-sided connection, the commitment to intimacy you’ve been craving for so long you can’t even remember when it last happened, then it’s time to see me for a couple session.

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What to expect?


Every couple is unique so I don’t apply a “one size fits all” approach to your relationship needs.  (That’s also why my methods and prices are indicative and not clearly structured on my website.)

Many couples come to see me as a “treat”, something decadent to do together, but they always leave with so much more than they expected.

We’ll start with a candid discussion on where you are as a couple now, what you are both looking for (individually and as a couple) and what you want to take away with you from our time together.

Sure, I can do a session where you are passively involved, seeing each other being tantalizing, but I prefer to teach you exactly how to do what I do so you can continue to expand on those techniques at home and take your intimacy to the next level.

Coaching doesn’t take any longer than a relaxation session, and of course it’s brilliant value.

I’ll coach you how to use different relaxation methods to put your partner into a deeply meditative state, then to awaken their Kundalini (sexual energy) and move it around their body to prolong the wait to full release.  Then, when the time is right, they will experience mind-blowing dimensions of sexual arousal and orgasms, all at your hands.

You’ll need around 4 hours to devote the time to fully relax and get accustomed to new techniques and levels of arousal and connection, with my guidance.

You will leave with a better understanding and new appreciation of each other.  You’ll be feeling deeply satisfied, rejuvenated and energised and aware of how to take what you’ve learned into a more deep and intimate connection in your partnership.  Even the memories of what you’ve done in our time together will be enough to reignite that fire.

Text or call me on 0499 978 955 or check out my website to read about others’ experiences and find out more about this unique opportunity to get your relationship “mojo” back.  I look forward to pampering you soon.  You know you deserve it.

Cheers, Rose