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Yoni Kinkassage Bodywork Brisbane

Yoni Kinkassage Bodywork Brisbane with Rose Richie.


Erotic relaxation isn’t just a man’s domain.  There has been a lot of growing interest in erotic massage and other forms of sensual relaxation among women in recent years.  This transformative work allows a woman to rediscover her sacred space and embrace the power of connecting with her true inner Goddess.

Here are some benefits of erotic relaxation for women:

  • Stress relief: Erotic relaxation techniques, such as massage, can help reduce stress and promote relaxation, which can be beneficial for overall health and well-being.
  • Improved body awareness: Erotic relaxation can help women become more aware of their bodies, their physical sensations, and their sexual desires.
  • Increased sexual confidence: By exploring their own bodies and learning about what feels good, women may feel more confident and empowered in their sexual experiences with their partners.
  • Enhanced intimacy: Erotic relaxation techniques can be a great way for couples to connect and explore their sexuality together, which can lead to a deeper sense of intimacy and connection.
  • Self-care: Taking time to relax and focus on one’s own pleasure can be an important form of self-care for women, helping to reduce stress and promote overall well-being.


It’s important to note everyone’s experience with erotic relaxation will be different, and to approach these techniques with open communication, enthusiastic consent, and respect for boundaries.



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I’m proud to be a certified Kinkassage professional.

As an experienced practitioner in erotic massage and BDSM Mistress, my clients reap the benefits of my maturity, sensuality, intuitiveness and natural ability to put you at ease so you can fully enjoy this extraordinary combination of intimate touch, arousal and full-body relaxation.

It’s my goal to provide you with a safe, sacred and relaxed space for your self-expression.

Yoni Kinkassage Bodywork Brisbane



Rose I came to you just to “pamper” myself while hubby was going to play golf with his mates.  I had a hysterectomy last year and since then I hadn’t been able to orgasm like I used to.

Your candid and professional manner made me feel at ease very quickly.  I’m actually a bit embarrassed now I brought my husband in to check things out first lol   I am so grateful you showed me I wasn’t permanently damaged from my surgery.  My hubby will be so happy our sex life can get back to being enjoyable and satisfying.  Can’t thank you enough    Jenny


Your service and understanding are second to none, Rose.  You put me at ease from the first and I knew I was in good hands!  I used to think I was pretty orgasmic, but you have taken my sexual experiences to a new height – and I’m loving it.  Can’t wait for my next visit!    Fiona


I was a little hesitant about this kind of massage but figured I would treat myself.  You talked me through what to expect, but even then I was so pleasantly surprised.  I never realised just how relaxed I could feel, and you were so attentive and professional!  I left feeling totally indulged, and quite a few people noticed my “glow” of satisfaction later that day.  I’ve recommended you to a few of my close friends too.  Thanks again for a uniquely wonderful experience.   Claire




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Rediscovering the Sacred Space: Embrace the Power of Yoni Bodywork

The term ‘Yoni’ originates from Sanskrit, meaning ‘sacred space’ and refers to the vagina. This intimate part of a woman’s body holds immense significance, as it is the very source from which human life is brought into existence.

Sadly, many of us have yet to fully embrace and honour our own vaginas. Whether it’s comparing ourselves to airbrushed and unrealistic standards portrayed in pornography or fleeting moments of pleasure without genuine readiness, we may find ourselves disconnected from our own feminine essence.

Yoni Bodywork offers a transformative opportunity to explore the potential within your Yoni, guiding you towards a place of self-acceptance, love, honour and respect – a journey towards deep self-awareness.

This holistic modality recognizes and nurtures all facets of your being: the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual. Our approach is rooted in the understanding that there is no need to fix or change anything, no destination to reach, and no forcing or pushing. Instead, Yoni Bodywork sessions focus on being fully present with whatever arises, without judgement or the need to label experiences.

Together, we embark on a journey of exploration and learning, unveiling the unique intricacies of your body and pelvic space.

Every aspect of you is wholeheartedly welcomed and accepted, exactly as it is. Your individuality is celebrated and honoured throughout the process.

Reconnect with your authentic self and embrace the profound potential that lies within. To learn more about the transformative benefits of Yoni Bodywork, feel free to reach out.



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